As marketing investment behind digital continues to grow and mature, we are starting to see some enjoyable branded YouTube “video wars” taking shape–even in more traditional categories like Prestige automotive.  Rarely have we seen auto rivals get this up close and personal as they battle it out in the digital marketing arena.      

Just this fall, Mercedes-Benz launched a successful viral video featuring funky dancing chickens.  In its Prestige Automotive autumn 2013 digital review, eBench identified “Chicken” as the single best performing YouTube video in the category this fall.  The video was so successful that Jaguar launched a spoof video in Dec. called “Jaguar vs Chicken.”  

Using eBench, I’ve highlighted the Mercedes-Benz “Chicken” video originally launched in the fall in grey, and Jaguar’s Dec. spoof video black.  You can see that as Jaguar’s spoof video launched & views spiked in Dec, so did views for the original video from Mercedes-Benz.         

jag vs chicken

Final with Line

What’s clear from this graph is that Jaguar’s spoof video injected new life into the original video. Of course, other factors may be in play here as well (e.g. Mercedes-Benz running TV spots for “Chicken” during the period) but clearly the symmetrical  nature of the spikes show that the Jaguar spoof video drove “halo” onto the wildly successful original “Chicken” video from Mercedes-Benz in Dec – Jan.  

After the spoof video launch, Mercedes-Benz  poked a little Facebook fun at Jaguar.  Here is a good article covering the return jab from Mercedes-Benz.

MBs Fbook reply copy


The Jaguar vs Mercedes-Benz video battle has been fun to watch.

Interestingly, as we look across other consumer categories, we can see that Prestige Automotive is be one of the larger and more engaging categories for consumers.

Looking at engagement metrics across a number of categories, Prestige Automotive leads the pack. Only energy drinks, fuelled by Red Bull’s best-in-class video content, has higher YouTube engagement.

categories copy

Analysis courtesy of eBench


This category is super engaging for consumers; are brands investing enough digitally in Prestige Automotive?

While this is obviously good news for the category, it also begs the question: why aren’t brands within this category investing more on social media?  Higher engagement means higher returns on social media investments, so risks to the category are much lower than for drinks or personal care.

With brands like Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar  pushing the envelope, I predict that the Prestige Automotive sector will become an even more exciting place for digital in 2014.

There’s more analysis like this in a recent 60+ page report we’ve just finished with eBench. Brands featured in the report include:  BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin, Tesla, Bentley, Lexus, Maserati,  & Lamborghini.

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